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Boulder Creek & Western Railroad

Boulder Creek & Western Rolling Stock

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BC&W Rolling Stock



Locomotive #3

Crystal Creek Lumber Co. 3 is a 2-6-2 Prairie type locomotive built in 1925 by Alco, and has served many years on the lumber company.


Locomotive #12

Locomotive #12 (4-6-0) was the original engine I received in my Tweetsie set in 2004 (see the "About Page" if you have not already). It has been running faithfully ever since. It was originally painted a dark green color that I really did not like at all. So in 2005, over the course of a week, I painted it black. Then about a year later, I decided to do my first kitbash/weathering project to this locomotive. This was done over a period of about three weeks in December 2006. It was painted a better flat black and highly detailed and weathered. It has Walsharts Valve gear and will soon be converted to Kadee 791 or 820 couplers.

Rio Grande 1638

This a gondola aquired from the Denver & Rio Grande Railroad in 1954. It is used primarily as a MOW car, but also sees regular freight service. This car was painted and weathered in December 2006 and will soon be weather and lettered for the Boulder Creek and Western.


Box Car #4

Box car #4 was built in 1921 by the Linville River Railroad Co. in Tennessee. After the railroad went bankrupt in 1964, the Boulder Creek and Western aquired it in 1965. It sees regular freight service and is occasionaly put on mixed trains. It has been left in its original lettering in honor of its heritage from Tennessee.


Flat Car #91

New Picture coming soon
Flat car #91 was built in 1934 by the Boulder Creek and Western Railroad. It sees regular freight service, and often carries a load of rail. It will soon go into the shop for wheel replacement (plastic to metal). This car was weathered in December 2006 and is awaiting a wood deck and lettering.


Flat Car #274

Flat car 274 was built in 1947 by the Boulder Creek and Western in their shops. It has been serving faithfully ever since then in freight service. Currently awaiting new lettering by the railroad.

Box Car 101

Pictures coming soon!
Box car was built in February of 1998 by the Shasta Garden Railroad Society to show there support for the railroad. They were the main diring force behind the retoration of the railroad. They used archbar trucks manufactured by Bachmann Locomotive Works.

Combine #1

Picture coming soon!
Combine #1 was the first piece of equipment built for the railroad, in 1902. The car has been kept in pristiene condition and is still used today on excursion trips.

Caboose #100

Picture coming soon!
Caboose number 100 was built in 1904 and the first caboose the railroad aquired. It was built right in their own shops and still runs in perfect condition today.

Future Aquisitions.....

Bachmann stock cars, tank cars, coaches, and a caboose. As well as some of the new Spectrum 1:20.3 stock.


LGB Sumpter Valley Diesel
Photo courtesy of LGB


Bachamnn Porter (Due out late 2006)
Bachamnn Industries Photo

Also, a complete set of coaches in either ET&WNC or D&RGW