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Boulder Creek & Western Railroad
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Railroad Updates


9/16/07- Lots of planning going on. A Class A climax is currently under construction in the shops and will soon go to work on for the Crystal Creek Lumber Company. Some portions of the roadbed need a little rebuilding as well. Mostly maintenance going on now. I am debting on whether to lay the 2nd loop or not. More updates to come when the arise.

7/16/07- Lots of stuff going on with the railroad. It has been hot, so I am working mainly in the mornings and evenings. The 2-6-2 arrived and has been painted and weathered. It is lettered for the Crystal Creek Lumber Company as well as my logging caboose and future log cars. I am currently building a spur (loop 2) to the logging company and because of the recent insane increase on price of Aristo Craft track, ill be handlaid code 250 aluminum, which I am excited about building and I am currently gathering materials to build. I am hosting a meeting for the Shasta Garden Railroad Society in August so I am rushing to prepare things so they will be ready. Today I raked leaves, planted a couple trees , and took out the bridge for a little TLC. I also need t replace a couple sections of track, finish the framing on my tunnel, more plants, and a few other smaller things. I guess I should get going!

4/20/07- Have not updated in a while, sorry. Landscaping on the railroad is going very well and since spring is here everything is growing great and blooming. All the joints are soldered with jumper wires so trains are running on track power all the way around the first loop. Track work is being done on the grade up to Boulder Creek bridge as it is slanting way to much. A short tunnel is also under construction on the west side of the railroad, southbound. We have also added another piece of equipment to the roster, a 2-6-2 Buddy L. I will be upgrading it with more power pickups and kitbashing it into McCloud River RR #11. Pictures will be up shortly on the rolling stock page. Also, I am currently scratchbuilding a flatcar at the moment which should be finished soon. I plan on getting plans for some logging cars and build my own to pull behind the prairie, or maybe just use some flatcars. Either way, McCloud River #11 will be pulling some type of log train, just like the real one did. Stay tuned for new updates. It is spring time and lots of stuff is happening!

2/8/07- First update of 2007. I have been mostly working models, like detailing and weathering for the past couple months, so that has occupied most of my time. I was sick a good portion of January also which did not help the progress. Last week, I went through and levled the track forward and back as well as side to side. I also began construction of the yard. I recived a box of 50 LGB tie strips, so the remaing rail has ties, inlcuding all the track in the yard. All thats needed to complete the yard is a left hand LGB 1600 switch, unfortunatly they are a little pricy, so I may opt for a cheaper Aritso Craft 4 or 10 foot switch. I am not sure yet. I will worry about this more when Spring comes and it is better to work on track. The yard has a thick pea gravel base and is topped with crusher fines. This allows for good drainage as this area recieves a lot of water. I am also going to start converting my Bachmann Ten Wheeler to battery power in a week or two so stay tuned for updates on that!
2/18/06- Roughly laid an excelent track plan.

2/19/06- Started preparing the site, looking at best prices for the remaining 12 feet of track we have to complete. We will most likely be buying from Watt's Train Shop. Also, we are thinking of a new name for the railroad, but whatever the name, it will be "The Oak Tree Route!"

2/26/06- A new reciever for my Bachamnn R/C train is on its way! I can't wait to get this train running! Stay tuned!

3/7/06- I have recived my reciver and it broke so now I have to repair that. Also, another 4-6-0 is on its way, or will be within the next couple days. For more info, see the link above!

3/14/06- Yesterday, I was offered some good 8 foot radius curves for a low price. I should be getting those in a couple weeks. This will also save me a lot of money.

3/16/06- The shipping on the curves is to high, so unforunatly it's a no go. Today, I took the straight tracks into the side yard and hosed them down in preperation for tomorrow's track cleaning.

3/21/06- Over the weekend I cleaned a lot of track.Also, we have decided that our control sustem will be track power controlled by Aristo-Craft's Train Engineer which will let us control multiple locomotives at a time. t. I also want to create a "control stand" at one end of my railroad to house all the controls, tools, etc. in one place. See an example here.....

3/24/06- Began work on the cut on the left side of the Oak Grove.

3/25/06- Today I finished Comet's Cut and I "skimmed" the top of the ground to clear weeds and stuff where the track will go. I also backfilled and leveled the future roadbed. I also ordered the remaing straight track and the new 8 foot raduis curves today from St. Aubin's.

3/27/06- All the straight track is cleaned! The joints just have to be screwed together and installed when the other track gets here.

Also, more good news. I figured out how to use the video program on my digital camera, and how to save them to a MPEG file. So I think it is safe to say that videos should be up in a couple weeks. That is, if the weather holds up and we can get the track installed and wired. So stay tuned!

3/29/06- Great news everyone! My track arrived today! Boy was I excited! I opened the boxes up and set up a quick point to point track for some test runs. Man do I love these 8' radius curves! They are long and sweeping and the train looks just beautiful going around them and the pilot has less than an inch of overhang. It looks so prototypical and they look great!

4/18/06- Layed and connected the track today and it looks great! Everything fits altough I still have to connect a lot more track sections.

4/30/06- It is warm, today the track sections will be brought indoors to be connected. Also, I will be purchasing a live steam 0-4-0 to be modified into a 2-4-0 or 2-4-2. This will make a great addition to the railroad!

5/3/06- The Boulder Creek & Western is merging with the Chesire Valley Railroad to from the Boulder Creek and Chesire Valley Railroad. The CVRR is located on the east coast but is sharing a common management. There will now be a combination of BC&W and BC&CV equipment.

5/8/06- Well, we are completed in the merger process.
Boulder Creek & Cheshire Valley Railroad
BC&W runs Narrow guage while CHV runs standard guage
Companies jointly owned yet Locomotives+freight cars still lettered for CHV and BC&W along with a few BC&CV cars

5/14/06- We are holding off on buying the Ruby kit for now to save money. We will use this money to buy some more track and also get a cheap battery/ R/C steam loco soon.

5/22/06- Today I recived my order from St. Aubins Jct. A LGB track cleaner block, LGB power connector set, and some more Aristo-Craft track screws.

5/27/06- Yesterday, I finished installing 116 hex head screws to the rail joiners over about 4 hours. It was a pain at times, but I am really glad I got it done. These screws will ensure a good electrical connection throughout the track. All the track is in and ready for ballast Sunday. Monday, I hope to have trains running! stay tuned!

6/1/06- The plan last weekend did not go according to plan; to much stuff got in the way. Ballast is arriving tomorrow and will be put in the same day as well. So trains should be running on Saturday or Sunday at the latest. With school out, we have plenty of time to work on the railroad now! I am also looking into buying ome track off Ebay for our future expansion. Today, the total estimated length of the extinsion was found: about 130 feet! Plus the original loop! This will make a great railroad. Also, we are looking into buying the Aristo Craft Train Engineer soon, but not for certain on that one quite yet!

6/4/06- Trains are not going to be running for a while. The grade near Koby's curve is too steep, and we have to install a couple of bridges and reverse normal train direction. Thats ok though, we want to build it right, so thats the way it has to be. It is also a good excuse to put in a bridge! We are going to order a couple replacement curves to replace the damaged ones. The bridges will be ordered soon, and the new switch is now in the planning stage.

6/13/06- Today, we decided that we will only have a 2 foot bridge and fill the other area(s) with ballast. This will save us a good $30. Also, I am ordering some decals to customize the rolling stock. In addition, I am detailing #12 and getting some cars ready to go up to Dunsmuir Railroad Days 2006 and run on my club's modular layout. Stay tuned!

6/17/06- Recived my bridge today from Bridge Masters. It is great quality and I recommend (if ou are in the mrket for G scale bridges) that you go with these guys. I even got 3 free magazines!

6/18/06- Went over to Axner's and bought another bag of balast. Looks like I will need another; and I was afraid of this. I have used 350 lbs. of ballast you would think that would be enough! On the other hand, I did get that bad grade leveled out and the bridge should be installed soon.

6/22/06- Abumbments finished yesterday. Bridge should be put in today or tomorrow.

7/1/06- Today marks the 2 year anniversary of the original Boulder Creek and Wetsern Railroad! The quickrete for the ballast should be installed soon, and some smaller projects will be happening. Examples: Track cleaner car, track work, etc.

7/10/06- Not much going on. I have moved the railroad to a different location because I was so sick of the grades and things. The new area is nearly level and will provide me with easier work. I figured, because of all those grades on the old line, is why I did not want to really work on it, to much stress. So now I can;t wait to get started! I also changed ome hook and loop couplers on some cars to Bachamnn knuckle.

7/13/06- Hey guys! Today, I showed mom the progress I have made the last couple days. She was shocked because I took out the original loop and started over. I explained my reasoning and she understood. She said she liked how the track ran alongside the lawn and the bushes and trees. That got me thinking. So instead of abandoning that loop, I am going to put new track in. Once I finish this loop I am doing now, I will either put 2 Aristo Craft #10 switches in, or just tie the whole loop into the new one, to give life back to the original loop. And I am going to let my mom decorate it (plants) with whatever she would like. In additionm the track will be running around our hammock. Cool huh? So I am not losing out on anything. Also, I plan on naming it Jacque's Loop after my mom. Don't tell her though! It's a surprise!

7/20/06- Saturday, I will be picking up some free G scale track from a freind of mine, and tomorrow Rick Marty is coming out and he is going to teach me how to solder rail joints. Stay tuned for updates!

7/27/06- I picked up a lot of free LGB track Saturday! Enough to finish the first loop and almost enough to finish the second! Rick came over and taught me how to solder. No more continuity problems! I got that down and I have been soldering like crazy to get this first loop operating. Next week for sure (if I keep up this pace) trains will be running. I will then post pics of the first run! Boy I am excited!

7/30/06- This week is going to see a lot of work done on the railroad. The first loop should be running by Thursday or Friday!!! Stay tuned!

9/29/06- My Bachmann R/C battery big hauler is running well, finally! Track work continues....

10/07/07- Tomorrow, we will picking up a lot of ballast and having a big work day. We will finish connecting track, ballasting, and leveling it. The electrical connections will come soon, but are not as big a worry now that we have our battery powered locomotive running. Stay tuned! It should be an exciting ay tomorrow!

10/8-10/06- Track is being final connected, leveled and ballasted. Trains should be running in the next couple of days!

10/13/06- Extra Extra! The 1st loop of the Boulder Creek and Western RR (Dave's Loop) is complete to the point of running on battery power. The golden spike ceramony took place at about 6:20 this evening 10/12/06. I ran #7 around about 10 times, and, aside from a couple trouble spots, it ran flawless. I will post pictures tomorrow. I was so excited. It is so great to have something running after waiting 9 months! Now I can start working o the final electrical connections and I should have track power in a few weeks; if I can vever get over all this excitment!

12/7/06- We are mainly preparing the railroad for the winter sorms now. I moved the bridge to a new spot on the railroad, just after the future site of Rick's Junction. This will serve as a drainage ditch and the bridge will serve a real purpose. Another curved trestle will be added near the same area too as this area tends to collect water during and after rain sotrms. PVC pipe will also be placed in sections of the track to provide more drainande. I am concentrating mostly now on getting the rest of the joints soldered (jumper wires) before all the big storms come in. I have also been doing some other routine maintenence, like raking leaves, track work, etc. This is a busy time of year for a garden railroader!

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